Design Process

View the design process for our Hand Crafted American made sterling silver necklaces.

Design Process ~ Each Sterling Silver Charm weighs 1.6 grams and measures 1.50 cm  x .50 at its widest area.

I am  a jeweler by accident !   Several years ago I decided that I wanted a necklace with a message, Faith-Hope-Charity , but it had to be made in the USA….I was looking for something created in sterling silver . I wanted a piece that I could wear everyday so it had to have eminence . I found several necklaces but none of them felt right and many were made out of the country.   I decided to find a professional so I contacted a local artist who made hand crafted jewelry….I was able to draw a rough picture of what I was looking for. We met for coffee at a local cafe and to my delight she agreed to make the necklace. Weeks later we met again and I could not have been more pleased with the design, she created what I envisioned in my mind, it was simply beautiful. The three shiny charms with the words I wanted to keep close to my heart hung on a sterling silver ball chain . Often as I wore it complete strangers would stop me and ask where I purchased it because they wanted it for themselves or told me it would make a perfect gift that they were looking for. After a while I decided that I should market it. Wear a Message was born…….I knew that if I started this small business I had to stick to my values about it being made in America and be created on the foundation of Charity…..I am proud of what I have created.

I did not have any experience in making jewelry and I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, I only had a desire to share my message. Finding someone who would be able to make the charms was not easy. After weeks of being turned down, laughed at or hung up on, I found Eric, a very talented jeweler from the Baltimore area. My husband and I made the 3 and half hour trip to meet him and I knew within minutes we were destined to work together. His strong belief in Faith and family values proved to me I could trust my design with him and his family owned and operated business. In the early stages of our designs, Eric would use a Cad computer software to re-create the charms so that a rubber mold could be made. Over the past few years Eric’s jewelry shop is very advanced with a 3D printer that creates each mold out of wax.  Each charm is hand poured with sterling silver. The “rough” charms are sent to my small jewelry studio where I hand polish each charm to a beautiful finish. No more perfect nails in my life ! Each necklace is created individually and boxed in a round tin then finished in a sheer organza bag, ready to give.

Here at Wear a Message, when we say each necklace is handcrafted and made in America, we truly and honestly mean it.