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Wear a Message is a small business that depends on social media as a marketing tool. We are a small business, truthfully its just me and my husband! Like most of you I was consumed with life’s everyday demands. Raising two children and failed restaurant venture I was destined to have a mid-life crisis. I was looking for something to ease the pain of a lost dream to operate my own business. Instead, I accidentally designed an amazing pendant necklace with a message that I knew I needed to have close to my heart. Faith~Hope ~Charity, once I put it on, I never took it off. My necklace was a constant reminder of what is truly important in my life. I am now reminded that my Faith blesses me with Hope for a good life. The better I felt the more my heart opened and allowed me to give when I thought I had nothing to offer. These three very simple acts will change your life if you just allow them to. As I wore my necklace I noticed that it caused complete strangers to stop me and ask where I bought it. After a while I came to the realization that I was meant to share this message. By purchasing any of our products we pledge to donate 10% of all sales to an amazing charity called Mercury One  

Soon after we launched our website in 2012, our 2nd design, Honor~Courage~Love was created, and shortly after that Father~Son~HolySpirit. Our 4th design in 2015, one that I am so very proud of, We~the~People is available with the launch of our new website. Most recently three new designs were released this fall……The Nazarene, ALL LIVES MATTER and Rescue~Rehab~Release .

Wear a message has just introduced a line of t-shirts, “it’s a beautiful thing”  Faith-Hope-Charity T-shirt   Capitalism T-shirt

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