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Mercury One LogoWear a Message will donate 10% of every sale to the amazing Charity, Mercury One. When you support Wear a Message rest assured that your dollars are being used to expand the mission to work with churches, charities,faith-based groups, businesses and entrepreneurs to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, provide relief to victims of disaster, restore and preserve history and much more. Doing more so Government can do less. Urgent Needs are met through Mercury One. Check them out for yourself at  Mercury One.  Mercury One’s passion for charity flows directly out of their passion for faith. They believe it’s the the duty of faith based organizations and private individuals—not the government—to help lift others out of poverty.  They partner with faith based organizations to provide food to those who are on food assistance programs. They envision a future where Americans have banded together with such generosity that government “charity” has become obsolete. Wear a Message is a very Proud Supporter of Mercury One.

Mission Statement: Mercury One will inspire, organize, and mobilize to improve the human condition physically, mentally and spiritually with malice towards none and charity for all.

Mercury One, named for a time when America showed its ability to be the exception.
Although we face many trials, Mercury One knows that we Americans are still great. That now is our window of opportunity to rise above and rebound. We must not occupy but organize; not revolt but rebuild. This is our unique moment in time, a calling for the “silent majority” to rise up and stand. Stand for country, Israel, faith, for first responders and for our military. It is today that we will begin to reassemble, one person, one family, one community at a time.

Be prepared for anything, be prepared for all.
Our goal is that each and every like-minded citizen does everything they can to be prepared for whatever may come. Prepared for emergencies, both big and small, natural and man-made. Have the food storage, medicine and necessities available, not only for your family, but to share with others in your neighborhood, church and community. Mercury One will act as a guide to mobilize Americans to assist each other as well as first responders: physically, emotionally and spiritually. We must give a hand up and not a hand out, while caring for the elderly and nurturing the young.

Rebuild, rebound, rebirth…

America, we meet now at a fork in the road, and it is here that we shall begin. We must be careful to take the path less traveled, because that will always be the road that leads to greatness. Along the way, we will not be alone, this I promise. There will be many others: some will walk beside us, some will lead, some will follow, and inevitably some we must carry. In the end our journey will be rich with honor, wonder, achievement and an unshakable faith.

United as one, we must emerge from this looming darkness and follow the light, illuminated in the unquestionable majesty that is America’s alone.

God Speed America

…we chose Mercury One as our charity for a number of good reasons, we pledge 10% of every sale to Mercury One.